A hard-working work based on keen sense of detail

In another life, Miguel was a salesman by his education and profession, but the restrictive world of distribution prompted him to take a different path, which led him, 9 years ago, to join Soudax, where he enthusiastically approves of the family structure and the human scale.

After joining the Special Machine Assembly department, Miguel worked for a while with the design office. Thanks to his versatile and conscientious profile, he has all the qualities needed to join the manufacture of transformers: the heart of Soudax machines. Very diligent by nature, Miguel likes to anticipate risks. In particular, he has developed and documented a series of tests to perfect the sealing of machines and their electrical insulation.

Fast, in spite of his application and precision, he manages to increase the production rate of transformers. He is very versatile and often helps his colleagues. Meticulous and committed, he even checks the packing phase of the machines to ensure smooth logistics.

Miguel has learned a lot at Soudax and in return he likes to pass on his know-how and skills through process sheets and videos, in the form of tutorials, in which he records the details of the 25 transformers in the Soudax range!

French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence