Expert in micro-welding since 1973, Soudax Equipements, imagine, design and manufacture micro-welding equipment, resistance welding and brazing equipment.

Through its experience Soudax has developed unique technology and know-how allowing us to offer a wide range of equipment manufactured in France to ensure the best possible welding quality.

Over 40 years of history

  • 1973

    Three welding professionals found Soudax Equipements
  • 1997

    Soudax launch a range of medium frequency (inverter) powersource allowing fine-turning of controls and settings.
  • 2005

    Jean Baptiste Huyghues Despointes becomes the CEO . Takeover as single shareholder.
  • 2009

    The compagny strengthens its export department and develops an international network of distributors.
  • 2015

    Soudax launch GMF GENIUS introducing an innovation machine interface, user friendly and already available in 6 languages.

Our field of expertise


A by-product of welding, micro-welding allows to weld together several metallic parts through a strong electrical current.


Braze-Welding allows the assembly of metallic parts together by combining the action of welding, with the addition of filler metal . This action enables and allows you to obtain a greater contact section, while limiting distortion.


Brazing allows the assembly of metal parts with very low electrical resistivity. With this process it is possible through the addition of a filler metal, assemble and braze several parts together simultaneously while mechanically maitaining them.

A recognized expertise

Tailored studies

The interface part/electrodes and the mechanical positioning of the parts determine the succes of a weld. Our R&D department develop tools and electrodes.

Research & Development

With a complete mastery from manufacturing of our transformers, to the design of our electronics, Soudax is constantly innovating and focussing its R&D closer to customers needs.

French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence
Equipment with a long life-cycle