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The welding that sets you apart

As a designer and manufacturer of welding equipment, Soudax meets the expectations of the most demanding industries.

Perfecting and developing our equipment, aiming for excellence in advice and support, we meet these challenges thanks to a sense of detail that can be found everywhere: in our expertise, in the development of technical and maintenance solutions, in the relationships we maintain with our customers and partners


Creation of
Soudax Équipements

+ 60 %

of machines
at the export

+ 25 %

increase in
turnover since 2018

Soudax's strategy in detail

Since 1973 Soudax Équipements evolves in the world of precision and has developed a French know-how which is worldwide. Micro-welding, braze-welding and brazing, our expertise applie to a variety of sectors and combine advice and technical know-how at every stage of our support.

Our strategy is structured around 5 pillars:

  • Products' innovations
  • Sustainability of equipment
  • Demanding manufacturing processes
  • Personalized project follow-up
  • A committed after-sales service

A recognized expertise

Fostering our local roots

Soudax has long believed in the importance of building relationships with carefully selected local suppliers from the territory to promote short distribution channels and guarantee a high level of quality to its customers

A responsible stakeholder

Pround of its activity and concerned to transmit the desire of entrepreneurship, Soudax regularly intervenes in schools to talk about entrepreneurship, international and industrials professions. Our responsability is also reflected in the high standards we set in the design and manufacture of our products.

Participating in the outreach of the industry

As a member of the FrenchFab, Soudax participates on its own scale, in the development of a dynamic French industry and in the targets of France 2030. One of our associates is a French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCEF) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her mission : to promote international among small and medium size businesses and to adivse them in this development path.

Sunstain and maintain

For over 40 years, Soudax innovates, develops new manufacturing techniques and improves the performance of its products. Responsability and quality requirements are anchored in its DNA and illustrate its responsible approach againt any form of programmed obsolescence. Soudax develops service contracts to increase the life cycle of its equipment.

French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence