Welding with seam welder? One solution only: Soudax!

There is an essential detail in the world of micro-welding: only Soudax offers machines that make seam resistance micro-welds. Precise these machines can weld thicknesses from few microns on all type of alloys forming tight weld cords. They are ideal for welding filters, sieves, thermal protection, and very thin sheet metal.

To cover all the needs of its customers, Soudax manufactures different models of seam welding heads. Flat assemblies, cylinder or cone assemblies, circumferential assemblies of cylindrical parts, Soudax welding heads adapt to the required production rate and to the type of parts to be welded.

The flagship generator of the range, the GMF Genius, has the particularity of driving two independent motors to dissociate the rotation speeds of the wheels and thus offer an extremely flexible seam head. Perfection is in the details!

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