The customer view with Vlad

It is an active member of Frenchfab, and manufactures and distributes batteries for the medical and industrial sectors. Founded in 1985 and located near Tours, it has a turnover of 25 million euros and employs 90 people. It finds meaning in producing locally and aims to increase its international influence.

And this “It” is VLAD, and its Managing Director, Vincent Piton, tells us a few words about the company!


VLAD has been working for the medical sector since its creation. We therefore have specific certifications: ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment) and 13485 (medical devices). This specialisation implies achieving and maintaining a very high level of quality.

For several years now, our strategy has been developed around two key areas: digitalisation/automation and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We are digitising and automating repetitive tasks that have less added value for our employees. The robot, if well maintained, provides maximum productivity and quality for our customers.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, several actions have been deployed. We are currently building a new 4,200m2 facility a few kilometres from our current site, which we want to make as green as possible. It will support our development with more manufacturing and storage space and allow us to produce our own energy and be self-sufficient. We also closely monitor the carbon footprint generated by our suppliers, our travels, and our overall energy consumption.

We work with our employees to make them feel good about the company and to encourage talented people to join us.

It’s great to be able to count on local partners like Soudax, who joined the automation adventure about 4 years ago, as part of our development and digitalisation programme. We have a large number of manual welding stations, but also robots to handle large series. Soudax supplies us with equipment that is integrated into the robotic welding stations for our batteries. This equipment has the ability to retrieve data on the quality of the weld and to manage various parameters such as force feedback.

Soudax is a human-sized company, now 50 years old, its approach is serious and responsive and it provides a quality service.

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