The company’s memory

Isabelle joined Soudax 35 years ago and knows every detail inside out. What she likes best is contact! 

Interacting with her colleagues, developing trusting relationships with suppliers, helping customers when she gets asked a question… Isabelle is responsible for purchasing and procurement and her natural sociability is a real asset in her daily work.

While she manages various administrative and accounting tasks, she is primarily responsible for purchasing the electrical, electronic, mechanical and pneumatic components used to manufacture Soudax equipment.

Over the years, Isabelle has been able to build strong partnerships and develop real stability with suppliers.

“From cable worker to purchasing manager, anything is possible at Soudax!”

Can you tell us about your time at Soudax?

“My job requires an appreciation of human relationships. Sometimes I have never physically met the suppliers and yet we have managed to develop an almost friendly relationship. It’s a whole range of things that count in the relationship with our suppliers: price, deadlines, level of service, ethics, but also feeling!

Soudax is a big family in which we all stand together. I am in constant contact with our production manager, our sales assistant and our warehouse assistant. I also regularly call on the technical department to find solutions for replacing components, particularly during period of shortages.

When I arrived as a cable worker, I was able to develop my skills in a healthy environment where everyone has a role to play and counts. I have witnessed the development of the company and am proud to be part of this story where human investment, cooperation and the search for solutions are really at the centre of everyone’s focus.

In 50 years of Soudax, I have been here for 35 of them and I do not regret it! ”


Crédit photo © Marie de Chessé

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