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Pneumatic welding clamps

Our range of pneumatic clamps offer easy handling and good productivity.

Various electrode orientations ensure that a wide range of weld types can be performed.

Movement via pneumatic cylinder.
Suspension ring*.
Solenoid valve and proportional valve (optional).

* except on PIA15

Name PIA15 – 35° PIA15 PIA30 PIA45
Max. force5 daN5 daN10 daN100 daN
Overhang40 mm35 mm90 mm-
Standard electrodePA15 - diam. 6 mm bezelledPS650 - diam. 6 mm2650 - diam. 6 mmPA45 - diam. 10 mm
Cable cross-section50 mm²50 mm²70 mm²70 mm² cooled
Cable length1.5 m1.5 m1.2 m1.5 m
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)170 × 90 × 25175 × 50 × 35310 × 180 × 75-
Weight (kg)
NoteDimensions excluding cablesDimensions excluding cablesDimensions excluding cables-

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