GMF Genius and traceability

The GMF Genius generator responds perfectly to a major challenge: traceability

Well known and sought after for its most user-friendly control interface on the market, the GMF Genius generator has another major asset: easy access to seamless traceability.

Fast, it does not require additional control box, the traceability offered by GMF Genius is facilitated by USB or Ethernet ports, which ensure accurate production monitoring and effective quality control.

All traceability data, results and curves, are stored or transferred by different vectors: a csv file saved on the machine or on a TFTP server, or a TCP frame transferred with the data.

With its intrinsic qualities and this optimal guarantee in terms of traceability, the GMF Genius generator meets the requirements of the most specialized and sensitive sectors of activity. It has already attracted renowned companies such as Areva, Adduxi (USA), Bronzavia, Donaldson, Eika (Spain), Limatech, Michelin (Poland), Orkli (Spain), Safran, Saft, Schneider Electric…

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