The Swiss Army knife of welding

Don’t ask him what his typical day is like, he’d be hard pressed to answer as his daily life is so full of different tasks!

Naoufel is the production and mechanical design manager at Soudax. Although he has little contact with our customers, he is in constant contact with subcontractors, the supply department, the sales department and the company’s production.

His first job is to plan and ensure the quality of the production. The second is to manage the design of plans for mechanical studies.

“My daily task is to keep our team together!”

Can you tell us  about your time at Soudax?

“I joined Soudax in 2010 as a project designer. In 2015, Jean Baptiste entrusted me with the position of production and mechanical design manager, which I have held ever since. This opportunity pushed me out of my comfort zone. Having spent daily life behind a desk, I now manage a team. It’s a bit hectic sometimes, but I don’t regret the change! Our team is close-knit, there is a lot of mutual understanding. The tasks are diverse and require a lot of thought, especially when we have to develop the products.

Soudax has enabled me to grow and turn a corner professionally. I like the family atmosphere and the way the work is designed. We have machines that are 40 years old and still running. This is the kind of thing that really makes a difference. ”


Crédit photo © Marie de Chessé

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