The new “international” to the gang

She is one of the latest recruits to the Soudax gang and yet she has already demonstrated her initiative and commitment!

Anne-Laure joined the adventure in November 2022 and since then her days have been full. As a sales and administrative assistant, she is involved in a wide range of tasks, from the administrative management of order in France and abroad to customer relations.

“I like movement, constant adaptation, international challenges!”

Can you tell us about your time at Soudax?

“I came from the construction industry, but decided to change my horizon and sector because I was attracted by the diversity of the tasks, the strong export aspect to the work and the fact that the company is on a human scale and that all the trades are grouped together in the same place, which reinforces the close relationships between the various departments.

Soudax is a micro-niche within the French industry that offers great challenges in export and international relations. This is what really motivates me: working with countries on the other side of the world, adapting to their culture and understanding their problems in order to best meet their needs.

I’m still finding my feet in the company, but I like the idea that it’s constantly changing to reflect the demands of the market. You can feel this constant evolution internally and it suits me.”


Crédit photo © Marie de Chessé

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