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TSA 60

60 daN pneumatic welding head

For optimal welding quality, this welding head combines an effective guide system and a flexible design.

The trigger force can be controlled via a microswitch or a force sensor (optional).

This head supersedes the TSA60, TSA65, SFP and RS50 heads.

High-precision guide rails and pads.
Electrode holder adjustable in three dimensions.
Lower arm removable to enable installation of a workpiece holder.
Trigger force controlled via rotary vernier and tared spring.
Triggered by microswitch once the set force is reached.
Direct current connection to the electrode holder (left or right).
Test/weld switch to facilitate adjustment.
Supplied with air regulator.
Solenoid valve and proportional valve (optional).
High head sensor.
Force sensor (optional).
Displacement sensor (optional).

Name TSA 60
Max. force60 daN
Stroke50 mm
Overhang101 to 156 mm
Type of supportPneumatic or electric (with solenoid valve kit)
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)320 × 120 × 430
Weight (kg)20.4

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence