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TEM 50-100

50 to 100 daN electromagnetic head

Soudax electromagnetic welding heads offer unrivalled precision and productivity.

They combine high technology and a unique guiding system for excellent welding quality.

The welding force is provided by an electromagnet, allowing the force to be varied throughout the welding cycle.
The head is raised by a pneumatic cylinder.
Adjustable shock absorber for gentle docking (optional).
Ultra-accurate guiding with very low inertia.
Excellent dynamic response enabling electrode contact to be optimised as the material sags.
Deformation of welded parts is greatly reduced.
Extended electrode service life.
Supplied with air regulator and solenoid valve.
Force sensor (optional).
Displacement sensor (optional).
Horizontal version (optional).

Name TEM 50 TEM 100
Max. force50 daN100 daN
Stroke10 mm10 mm
Overhang100 mm100 mm
Type of supportNo support, or optional frameNo support, or optional frame
Pedal typeElectricalElectrical
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)110 x 95 x 465175 x 220 x 550
Weight (kg)920

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence