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GMF Genius

2 kHz medium frequency generator

GMF Genius offers the most intuitive control interface on the market, combining connectivity, monitoring, accuracy and reliability.

This multi-function generator is ideal for accurate, high-quality welds. Traceability over USB or Ethernet interfaces ensures optimal production tracking and quality control.

The flexible and intuitive user interface is translated into several languages.

  • The 7″ touch screen offers a user-friendly interface running on Windows CE .
  • Unlimited number of programs.
  • 10 welding steps (docking, clamping, seven ramps or flats, forging).
  • Single, sequencer, repeated, seam and brazing modes.
  • Manufacturing order.
  • Regulated variable intensity.
  • Intensity control.
  • Voltage control (optional).
  • Double level.
  • Solenoid valve control.
  • Force control (proportional valve or electromagnetic system).
  • Force monitoring (optional).
  • Displacement control with “weld to” function (optional).
  • Connections which includes all control systems for two operative parts (heads, pens, clamps, etc.).
  • Current commutation box which allows 2 operative parts to weld simultaneously (optional)
  • Remote screen (optional).
  • Data and configurations can be stored on a USB stick or accessed over the network (TFTP/TCP).
  • Unit ready for connection to a PLC via a 25-pin sub-D connector (program call, machine ready, OK/bad, safety operator etc.).
Name GMF 2 GMF 5 GMF 10 GMF 15
Input voltage230 V400 V three-phase - 480 V three-phase400 V three-phase - 480 V400 V three-phase - 480 V three-phase
Input frequency50-60 Hz50-60 Hz50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
Input current23A23A - D32AD32AD32A
Output voltage15V15V15V15V
Max. current (short-circuited)2 kA5 kA10 kA15 kA
Switching frequency2 KHz2 KHz2 KHz2 KHz
Precision I2 A in 0.1% steps5 A in 0.1% steps10 A in 0.1% steps15 A in 0.1% steps
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)495 x 445 x 350495 x 445 x 350495 x 445 x 350495 x 445 x 350
Weight (kg)54547375
NoteCan be restricted to 600 A for even finer adjustment.---

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