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Electrical footswitch : for controlling the triggering of the generator and for controlling the solenoid valve of the pneumatic welding heads. Unipolar inverter 15A 230V. With optional, a double switch pedal with specific adaptation.

Pneumatic footswitch : Provides distribution of compressed air to the pneumatic welding heads. Operating pressure between 2 and 10 bar.

Sviwel and cable footswitch : Provides a smooth and gradual downward movement of the mechanical welding head with a low coefficient of friction.

Name Sviwel footswitch Pneumatic footswitch Electrical footswitch Electrical double switch Cable footswitch
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)685 x 18 x 11260 x 155 x 145260 x 155 x 155--
Weight (kg)2,21,41,9--
NoteIn steelWith or without covering capControl the trigger of generatorA staggered trigger or a simultaneous lock-

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