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Capacitor discharge generator

The ideal generator for precision welds requiring short welding times and high intensities.

With 30 welding programs and easy programming system, this capacitor discharge generator is accurate and easy to use.

Stabilized power supply and charging control.
Optimized charging speed.
30 programs.*
Five welding steps (docking, pulse 1, intermediate time, pulse 2, forging)*.
Single, sequencer*, repeated* and seam* modes.
Discharge time selectable per program*.
Solenoid valve control*.
Force control (proportional valve or electromagnetic system)*.
Remote screen/keyboard (optional).*
Unit ready for connection to a PLC via a 25-pin sub-D connector (program call, machine ready, OK/bad, etc.)*.

* except GDC-P

Capacitor discharge power source
Name GDC 25 GDC 100 GDC 300 GDC – P
Input voltage110 V - 230 V110 V - 230 V110 V - 230 V110 V - 230 V
Input frequency50-60 Hz50-60 Hz50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
Input current10A10A10A10A
Output voltageShort: 12.8 V Medium: 6.3 V Long: 4.5 VShort: 25.5 V Medium: 12.6 V Long: 9.9 VShort: 32.8 V Medium: 16.3 V Long: 10.7 Vmax. 50 V
Discharge timeShort: 4.2 ms Medium: 7.4 ms Long: 11.2 msShort: 4.2 ms Medium: 5.7 ms Long: 7.1 msShort: 5 ms Medium: 6.4 ms Long: 8.5 ms2.9 ms
Max. current (short-circuited)Short: 3 kA Medium: 2.4 kA Long: 2.1 kAShort: 5.9 kA Medium: 4.8 kA Long: 4.1 kAShort: 10 kA Medium: 9.7 kA Long: 8.5 kA24 kA
Precision I0.1 Ws1 Ws1 WsPotentiometer
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)480 x 415 x 310480 x 415 x 310495 x 445 x 350284 x 210 x 160
Weight (kg)4244726.7
Note---Designed for low throughput: 4 spm

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence