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Controller for AC generator

The CCGAC is a universal control unit for all previous-model Soudax AC generators.

This control unit may be used to replace an old controller (MS, CMS, INFAX, THERELCO).

30 programs.
Programmed via screen/keyboard.
10 welding steps (docking, 6 welding steps, forging).
Single, sequencer*,repeated* and seam* modes.
Regulated variable intensity*.
Intensity monitoring.
Solenoid valve control.
Force control (proportional valve or electromagnetic system).
Remote screen/keyboard (optional).
Unit ready for connection to a PLC via a 25-pin sub-D connector (program call, machine ready, OK/bad, etc.).

*To enable the intensity regulation function, the transformer unit must be returned to the workshop (optional).

Contrôleur pour générateur à courant alternatif
Input voltage230 V (powered by Soudax transformers)
Input frequency50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)375 × 320 × 118
Weight (kg)7

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence
Equipment with a long life-cycle