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TSA molette

Roller seam welding head

The Soudax seam head offers a number of options for easy seam welding.

Its unique differential gear ensures that the wheels are perfectly synchronised. The head force is controlled using a proportional valve, via the welding programs on Soudax generators.

Mechanically welded frame with overhang providing clearance for bulky workpieces.
Geared motor and differential ensuring perfectly synchronised wheels drive.
Rotation, current flow and cooling controlled via seam boxes. Small boxes (standard): for medium throughout and low thicknesses. Large boxes (optional): for high throughput and higher thicknesses.
Head with ground guide rails and ball bearings.
Supplied with air regulator, solenoid valve and proportional valve enabling the force to be controlled by Soudax generators.
Fixed arm version for flat welding or adjustable height version for welding on a shaft or on a part.
Shaft support trolley (optional).

Name Fixed seam welding head Adjustable seam welding head
Max. force50 to 100 daN50 to 100 daN
Stroke25 mm25 mm
Overhang340 mm340 mm
Type of supportMechanically welded frameMechanically welded frame
Pedal typeElectricalElectrical
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)590 x 230 x 710630 × 230 × 905

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