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Mechanical brazing clamps

Soudax designs and manufactures standard mechanical brazing clamps, and can also offer custom-designed clamps to suit your operators’ habits and the dimensions of your workpieces.

Our brazing clamps are cooled to ensure a longer service life and to guarantee high-quality brazing.

Mechanical movement.
Arm and cables cooled for longer clamp service life.
Chiller unit (optional)

Name PIM B 30 PIMB Parrot
Stroke25 mm25 mm
Overhang120 mm-
Standard electrodeC14 carbonCarbon-coated parrot clamps
Cable cross-section100 mm² cooled70 mm² cooled
Cable length2 m2 m
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)340 × 85 × 13533 x 24 x 13
Weight (kg)7.87
NoteDimensions excluding cablesDimensions excluding cables

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence