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Pneumatic brazing clamps

Soudax designs and manufactures standard pneumatic brazing clamps, and can also offer custom-designed clamps to suit the dimensions of your workpieces and your productivity requirements.

Our brazing clamps are cooled to ensure a longer service life and to guarantee high-quality brazing.

Pneumatic movement.
Arms cooled for longer clamp service life.
Push buttons to close the clamp and to trigger brazing.
Chiller unit (optional)

clema de brazare
Name PIAB Parrot PIAB 45 PIAB 55
Stroke50 mm--
Standard electrodeCarbon-coated parrot clampsCarbon-coated PIAB45Carbon-coated PIAB55
Cable cross-section70 mm² cooled200 mm² cooled200 mm² cooled
Cable length2 m2 m2 m
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)47 x 27 x 12--
Weight (kg)15322
NoteDimensions excluding cablesDimensions excluding cablesDimensions excluding cables

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence