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Brazing generator

Resistance brazing requires a generator capable of delivering a high intensity over relatively long periods. Accordingly, Soudax has developed a generator specifically for this application.

The GAC B 20 KA is easy to use. It features two brazing time management modes selectable to suit operators’ habits:

brazing time managed continuously (via pedal or push button) or adjustable number of periods.
Brazing power adjustable via rotary vernier.
Transformer cooled for extended service life.
Chiller unit (optional).

Brazing power source
Name GAC B 20
Input voltage230 V - 400 V - 440 V - 480 V
Input frequency50-60 Hz
Input current80 A
Output voltage6 V
Max. current (short-circuited)13 kA - 17 kA - 17 kA - 17 kA
Precision IPotentiometer
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)210 × 430 × 336
Weight (kg)95

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