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Brazing trolley and pole

For easier handling, Soudax has designed this trolley to hold a generator, a chiller and one or more brazing clamps.

It features a balanced 360° swivelling arm, enabling the operator to work from a position close to the brazing site.

Mechanically welded trolley on casters.
Trolley 780 × 1125 × 925
Fixed pole allowing maximum brazing height of 2 m.
1 m arm, swivelling through 360°, featuring two crabs and a balancer.
Bracket for power cable.
Bracket for clamps.
Electrical cabinet with water flow controller (optional).

Name Pole arm
Overall dimensions : length x width x height (mm)935 × 1280 × 2607

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French manufacturing
Precision and high-level technical functionality
International presence
Equipment with a long life-cycle