Micro Welding

A precision welding that is used to join different minute parts together is known as micro welding. This is a careful type of welding. It is performed in a small area and it should be taken care of that the parts near welding are not damaged. In this process, the surface tension, fusion quantity, deformation quantity, and all the requirements of welding should be fulfilled. This process requires a lot of skills as all the requirements are necessary to be fulfilled during welding of large components.

The dimensions of the components are to be considered during micro welding. The major use of the process is found in the electronic industries. It is also a useful process in the electrical packing of the products. This process is very useful as it reduces the splashing of the metal. The machines used for this process should function rigorously. These machines are called micro resistance welding machines. These machines are different from the resistance welding machines.


The micro welding technique was used first after the used of resistance welding by the Ford company. The micro welding was used to weld the metal inside the vacuum tube that has a high melting point. This process was also used in dental surgery. The non-ferrous materials, for instance, tungsten, molybdenum, and nickel can only be welded by using micro welding to the ferrous materials. After that, there was a need for welding in the electronic industry. The micro welding was used to join small components of electronic with high precision. This process was then used in the welding of different materials that were required in the body. Micro welding is a technique that opened a new path for the engineers to welds all the materials required for any purpose they need.

Minimum requirements for micro welding

The parts that can be welded with micro welding can a thickness of less than 0.5 millimeters. The components having a cross-sectional area of up to 10 sq. mm can easily be welded with micro welding techniques. The micro welding is a precise process and it produces welding beads of 0.065 up to 0.005. The technique requires precise heating to save the adjacent parts from damage. This technique is useful for the precise fusion of the minute components. It is a delicate process and the welders busy in this type of welding need experience and patience. The welders should be careful while using a solder as he has to produce a weld bead of very minute size.

Equipment for the micro welding process

As micro welding is done on a minute scale so it needs special equipment and machines. The micro welder should have proper skills of using all that equipment. The success of the process completely depends on the efforts made by the welder. Some of the necessary equipment required for this process is:

  • A micro welder needs minute wires foe welding having a diameter of 0.005 mm. this is an extremely precise process so some of the precise machines should be available to work on.
  • As this process is done miniature scale so a welder needs a microscope to perform this welding. The expert micro welder maintains the amount of the heat needed for the process.
  • The welders also need some miniature tools to place the filler metal properly where required. These tools provide the utmost precision needed in the process.

Types of micro welding

The micro welding is now done by many methods. For instance, the application of pressure, electrostatics, and ultrasonic, etc. The types of micro welding are as follows:

Micro laser welding

This micro welding is performed by laser. The laser is in the solid-state. Many automated programmable machines are used in this process. These machines are used to perform a precise process. This micro laser welding provides the best quality joints. The laser in micro welding ensures the deep welding process due to its penetration power. This technique needs no pressure. There is no need for a vacuum chamber for laser micro welding. The laser can travel through the air easily. This technique is very useful as it does not produce any gas that can contaminate the environment. There is no need to use shielding gas for laser micro welding. This method can be used for the welding of the highly reactive metals also.

TIG micro welding

This technique needs very minute equipment. The tool used for this type of micro welding is the size of the pen. The minute TIG welding equipment used for this process is Gas Tungsten Arc. The tool can operate with high precision. The welder is provided with less waste while using this technique. The TIG micro welding allows the welder to precisely apply the weld placement. This technique is useful in welding the minute components of high alloy density. The welders use this type of micro welding to rejoin the damaged parts together.

Flash micro welding

A great type of micro welding that is used to weld the cam assembly with high precision. The flash micro welding uses high pressure to produce cost-effective and high-quality joints. This welding is used to weld the hot thermocouple wires. This welding is very beneficial for the welders to produce good looking joints. Many beautiful chains of precious metals are made by using a flash micro welding technique. This technique is also useful for welding the band saw ends with great precious and quality.

Resistance micro welding

The micro welding is derived from large scale resistance welding. In micro resistance welding, the spot welds are performed with high precision and quality. This process needs electrodes for its operations. The electrodes supply proper current for the welding and the pressure is maintained by the welder. This technique is suitable for the proper alignment of the elements on the micro-level. The high-quality projection welding can be performed by the resistance micro welding.

Final words

The micro welding technique requires an expert welder. The welder must possess all suitable equipment for the process. The micro welding is a great initiative taken by the design engineers to make the elements joined together by high-quality welds.

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