Micro welding is everywhere!

House, car, train, plane, the electrical devices are everywhere! All around you, when you make a step, a meeting or a trip they are essentials: circuit breakers, sensors, switches, contactors, actuators…

And in every electrical device that simplifies your domestic or professional life, there is Soudax!
There is Soudax because there are welded elements.
There is Soudax wherever the current flows.

And for it to flow with reliability, the quality of the weld is crucial. This is the reason why many manufacturers of electrical devices rely on Soudax’s machines to do precise and sustainable, resistance and micro-resistance welds. This is how Soudax has become the preferred partner of recognized manufacturers such as Amphenol-Socapex, Bontaz, Crouzet, Hager, Leach International, Legrand, Schneider Electric, STPI, TE Connectivity … The list is still long!

To discover all the welding and micro-welding applications that can be achieved with Soudax equipment, contact us!

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