A control and checking contract designed down to the smallest details

To always guarantee a high level of service and to meet the growing demands of its customers, Soudax now offers a control and checking contracts for all its equipment.

Two « service packs » are thus offered: The Gold pack and the Silver pack. Our technical experts come to work on your facility depending on the pack chosen: once a year or once every two years, to carry out the control and checking of the Soudax equipment.

For the GMF Genius, these two packs include the update of the software and the replacement of the SD card. A way to maximize your resources away the long term!

The operative parts can also be integrated to the contract.

The control and checking done by Soudax, is also the management of your entire machines ‘park, better traceability of your equipment and monitoring of your installations. The control and checking are optimum solutions for your Soudax generators.

To benefit this service as from now, and for further information, ask your account manager for advice.

For manufacturing to maintenance, Soudax takes care of everything!

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