There are everywhere !

Automatic coffee machines, induction or glass-ceramic hobs, gas or electric ovens, stoves, heaters… They all have one thing in common! Resistance micro-welding.

All these household appliances or household equipment that simplify our daily life are full of electrical, electronic, connector, circuit breakers, contactors, sensors, switches, actuators … We no longer pay attention, or simply ignore it, but in each electrical device is hidden Soudax micro-weld.

The quality of the micro resistance welds made by the machines manufactured by Soudax makes all the difference. It contributes to the reliability of the equipment, to the durability, to their ease of use. Therefore, many major brands of household appliances such as Adventys, Brandt, Corrège, Eika, Giannoni, Orkli, Seb, Tefal and many others trust Soudax. These well-known brands particularly appreciate the precision of Soudax machines, a guarantee of the quality and durability of the welds they produce.

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